Tracy Hayward

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Tracy Hayward, Innerpreneur

How one business pathfinder leads from within

When Tracy Hayward aligns her inner wisdom and untiring drive, she transforms industries and the people in them. Long before she established a thriving culinary company, The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley, this visionary and pragmatic woman knew that success is measured by far more than financial reports.

Her personal story evolves from a journey that began more than 25 years ago, when she created her business from the back bedroom of her parents’ home as part of a search for her own identity. With the arrival of her middle years, it took on deeper meaning as Hayward began re-engineering herself by looking within and asking bigger questions about life. Hayward is generous with her hard-earned wisdom, offering both the people she works with and other entrepreneurs an enlightened model of leadership that derives from insight, authenticity and well-being.


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